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    Hanna Cooper


    Oh, the Gremlins that can show up about blogging! They visit me for sure. But
    I'm finding that just getting something out there - imperfect, hairy,
    incongruous, etc - is good for me, and others get more than I think from it.
    Which, I find, is also like coaching. As a coach, I can *think* I'm failing
    miserably and yet the client still gets value.

    And oh, how much I enjoy your writing! Thanks for sharing your "ordinary life"
    with all of us!



    Dear Universe, Carol has permission to express herself however she wants,
    whenever she wants and she gets to do it without concern about perfection or
    profundity. (so there...)

    (now you sign here: ___________)

    xo D

    Carol Ross

    My thanks to both Hanna and Deb, both fellow writers and bloggers, who know
    these Gremlins like I do and who stand as allies when I let my inner critic
    become overbearing. Smooches to both of you!

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