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    Great words Carol. These are definitely going to be a part of my New Year's


    I spent several years making formal, written resolutions but lately, that
    doesn't feel right. I love your notion of "The Year of ___"! I make handcrafted
    greeting cards and paper-related art and had a wonderful experience at my first
    craft show in November and have decided to really focus on more shows,
    full-steam ahead for the coming year. So, now I have deemed 2006, "The Year of
    Successful Craft Shows". I like that - thanks, Carol!

    Pine Tree Designs

    Catherine Storing

    Very inspirational, this is the year where I push my business forward and bring
    health and fitness to my life. Thanks for giving an outline to follow.

    Catherine Storing


    Thanks Carol! As a fellow coach, I almost can't resist the pull around this time
    of year to look back and look ahead.

    I always make a list of accomplishments and highlights from the previous year,
    and a list of goals or focus areas. Last night, I just started a page entitled,
    'In 2006, I'd like to ... ' and just did a brain dump of anything that popped
    into my head. It's a very long list, and I don't really expect to do everything
    on it, but I do like the process of making the list and having it to refer to
    from time to time.

    I think/hope 2006 will be 'The Year of Creative Living,' both in terms of
    nurturing and developing my creative potential, moving my creative/jewelry
    business forward, hopefully moving to a new place where I can expand my studio,
    and just in general being colorful and adventurous. Yay!

    Happy New Year to you!

    Carol Ross

    Thanks for your comments! To give credit where credit is due, the term, "The
    Year of...." came from Jeremy Stover,, a fellow coach in
    the San Francisco area.

    I love hearing different themes for the year, so thanks for sharing yours. One
    person emailed me and said her theme is The Year of Forgiveness. This is
    powerful stuff, indeed.

    As for me, 2006 will be The Year of Boldness and Fun. As I write this, I'm
    sitting in my office, wearing leather cowboy pants, with tassels on the sides,
    just for the fun of it. I bought them at a consignment shop several years ago
    and seemed to only have the nerve to wear them on Halloween. Until today.

    Troy Worman

    Excellent post and good advice. I like your writing, Carol.

    Thank you!

    Adela Rubio

    Enjoyed the perspective changing questions. I totally agree, we need to make the unseen seen. Thanks for the exploration, Carol.


    Thanks for stopping by, Adela, and glad you found the questions interesting.

    Re: making the unseen seen. For me, I do this best by writing. I just blogged about my theme for 2012, Healthy Wholeness, to start making it real for me. And each year, around Jan 1, I also take down the old theme that's written on a piece of paper and posted on my office wall, and put up the new theme for the year.

    Sally Spencer-Thomas

    So happy to see you back at it! This is the Year to Cherish, Focus and Grow.


    It's good to be back, Sally. Love your theme for the year! Cherish is a word that I don't often hear but it has deep meaning.

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