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    Tad Haas

    Carol, thank you for putting down your words and feelings about the bike. No, more directly about the ride and the experience. I, among many I am sure, feel the very same way about the simple act of a bike ride.

    As someone who spends a fair amount of time riding seriously - though no Ironman's for sure, it is important to remember: "No, these rides are about filling up on life and getting the full expression of ourselves into the world, about breathing in and breathing out, not just with our lungs, but with our spirit. It is meditation and therapy and being connected to the world, all while gliding on wheels."

    In other words, at least slow down and smell the roses.


    Carol Bradbury

    Thank you so much for your article about the bike ride. Your e-mail messages are always so uplifting. I'm on many mailing lists but I always read your articles immediately! I live in New Jersey and many of the trees and flowers have just started blooming after a long winter. My husband and I are going on a motorcycle ride this Saturday to enjoy the beautiful weather. We've been getting our exercise doing spring clean-up around the yard, so please don't hold it against us that we use a motorized bike! I'm looking forward to the ride all the more after reading your article. It's great to feel the sun on my skin, smell the barbecues, flowers and farms as we ride along, and have little kids wave at us from their cars. Thanks for appreciating the little things and putting it into words.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Tad and Carol, for your comments. It's fun for me to hear about your own version of riding and what it means to you. I especially like the image of small children waving as you go by.

    Several other people have emailed me their own stories of filling up on life and I'll be creating a new post on that in the coming week.

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