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    Tracy Laswell Williams

    Hey, quit writing about my life! I totally relate to this (although my hair usually looks like Don King's). As ever I am delighted by your gifted perspectives on 'life situations.'

    Jim Huling author of Choose Your Life!

    Hey Carol! The price of perfection is high, isn't it? But when we realize that we will never get it all perfect, we relax, and suddenly see the joy that is all around us - the smile on the face of our child, the steam rising from that first divine cup of coffee in the morning, the gentle touch on our shoulder from someone who loves us. It's all there all the time, waiting for us to see it.

    Your article brings it all out so clearly. I'm not my situation, and for that matter, my inbox, my bank account, my waistline, or my last performance review. I'm something more.

    Thank you for doing what you do. Good luck with the Volvo!

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Jim and Tracy, for your comments.

    Tracy--Glad to know that I'm not alone. Hope the bad hair days are few and far between.

    Jim--Thanks for that important point that looking for and expecting perfection from ourselves actually distracts us. You are right that there's so much to be grateful for, right in the moment.

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