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    just wanted to say this blog post is so good, thank you for sharing your experience of burn out. Its a real eye opener. Such valuable information on how to get over burn out. I suffered from it in the past and actually, for so long after felt kind of inferior/guilty. Your blog kind of puts it all in perspective, and reminds me that "we are only human".


    Carol Ross

    Glad that this post was useful to you.

    I had to chuckle when I read your comment about being human. The same consultant who remarked on the sharpness in my voice also blurted out with relief, "You are human, like the rest of us."

    We are all more alike than we are different and it's comforting when that's confirmed.


    I was glad to see this today - I have a lot of burnout in my current line of work (not because of passion, because of being ground down). I chuckled a little at your seeing over the last days that you were burning out - mine builds over months and the sharpest and most miserable parts stretch over weeks or months. I'm in a recovery phase now - frankly I'd love 3-4 or more months off. Though if I escaped for longer than a week, I'd be hard pressed to come back.

    I totally agree about the burnout losses - I lose creativity, enthusiasm, motivation, the ability to think clearly or innovatively, and the sense that I feel or prefer anything. By contrast, a friend who has never worked full-time in my industry, and has an even lighter load now, has never had burnout and doesn't seem to understand why her exciting (to her) plans of starting organization, writing newsletters, reaching into new work areas make me want to drown myself in the ladies' room. No, not another organization.....uuuuughh.

    Burnout makes it very, very hard. Thankfully it doesn't last forever (though I wonder if I am actually in the same burnout I started in back in 2004 or so, with occasional brief abatements).

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