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    I joined the chorus of other voices saying, "What? You? Worried about an interview? Really?!" ... because I've heard, so many times, you speak with great vibrancy and passion about A Bigger Voice, your role in it, your vision and hopes for it... and because it never occurs to me that you'd be striving to prove yourself. Because to me, and (I suspect) to the others who voiced the same surprise at your admission about this challenge, you're so far beyond needing to prove yourself that it never occurs to us as a possibility.

    That's not to say that it doesn't make perfect sense--it does, and it's a reminder that you're human. A rockin', spectacular human, but still human nonetheless. (I won't tell anyone, though.) And in a way, that's kind of an inspiration to someone who sees you as a mentor and an example of strength, because when I feel scared and nervous and like I simply MUST prove myself, (a) I know I'm in good company, and (b) I've got a great mantra to hang on to: I stand with an intention to share and discuss, not to prove or to judge.

    Kudos on making it through the interview. And kudos on sharing that vulnerable side of you that many of us think or assume you never have to deal with. Brava.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Marissa, for your comments. It's so easy to get in your own way, with thoughts, beliefs and assumptions that don't serve.

    I suppose that's good news for coaches. It often takes a neutral third party observer like a coach to bust the notion of what is true (and to help keep the Gremlins at bay.....)

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