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    Fred H Schlegel

    Thanks for the point... I shared it with my music oriented son.


    Glad that you are able to pass it on! Thanks for stopping by.

    Dan Padilla

    Thanks for sharing this Carol! I am a student in your Networking Webinar and stumbled onto the "wrong" site looking for class materials. I'm glad that I did!!! This posting really made my day!

    Dan Padilla
    Violinist/Freelance Music Writer

    Carol Ross

    So glad you stumbled upon this posting. It's tailor-made for you! Glad to have you in the class, Networking Naturally Program, Feedback on the Program is also appreciated, through Twitter (@carolross) or email. Excited to see that others in the Program are connecting with you to help you with your music career.


    This was an amazing speech, thank you. It reminded me of all the times that I (someone who has long believed that I have to be dry, contained and analytical to be a "better" person and worker) have been brought to tears by music that reignited something inside that I thought I'd smothered (good thing I didn't). It also was a great reminder of the value of the arts. Music and literary arts are my favorite things in the world, and so often I doubt their value, because they don't generate funding, or money, and they aren't "business" and apparenlty I've been drinking that "all business all the time" Kool Aid for much too long...

    So thank you.

    Carol Ross

    Hooray for you! Yes, we often think that to be effective, it's all about being logical, analytical, competent. But effectiveness comes in many forms, including creative, meaningful, and emotional.

    Thanks for stopping by, MJ.

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