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    Paul C

    I grew up on a lovely farm in southwestern Ontario. My father, however, discouraged me from being a farmer. He had lived through the Great Depression and struggled to build a prosperous business. "Be a teacher, son." So I went off to university and became a teacher which I enjoyed thoroughly. But I always wondered what it would have been like to be an entrepeneur on the farm.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Paul for your touching comment. I can see how your father would have counseled you in the way he did. My father dreamed of being an entrepreneur. (He was a technician for a manufacturer of trucks with roots in farming equipment, International Harvester.)In mid-life, he got his chance to open up a Chinese restaurant in northern Indiana. He wasn't a business person and eventually, had to declare bankruptcy. After that, he went back to being an employee and was never the same. So for many years, the unspoken lesson in our family was, "Being an entrepreneur is risky. You could lose everything." It's taken me a lifetime to turn that belief around.

    So, my suggestion is that if you have any entrepreneurial inklings, to follow them and see where it leads you. Obviously the path you've chosen so far suits you well (loved your blog, btw) AND we all have permission to have more than one career in our lifetime!

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