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    Carol, what a great reminder of what I already have or those surprising gifts that show up in many ways. Thanks.


    I agree! I've been unemployed since March 1 and I am also experiencing amazing abundance. Some of it is just time to explore ... this feels extraordinarily rich and luxurious ... just having time for me. Wow!

    I've also had time to look around me a bit more. I've made new connections. I've supported them and given them lots of ideas and input. It's wonderful to be able to give!

    And, I've received SO much from them as well. I am still amazed at how someone I just met introduces me to a resource or another person who is just the person I need to meet ... and who assists me on my adventure.

    I've found great deals all around me as well. Businesses are reaching out and offering so much more and I am so grateful for their enhanced service.

    I feel like I'm becoming more myself; more of who I'm meant to be. It's exciting and rewarding. Life is good!

    Mitchell Ashley

    My abundance story after reading your blog post today:

    Hearing the lady behind you in line at Papa Murphy's say to the clerk, "Excuse me, is it okay if I give this gentleman one of my $4.00 off coupons?" $14.99 pizza... $9.99. Abundance... priceless.

    Carol Ross

    Felicia--Glad this triggered awareness of what's already in front of you. I think gratefulness is one of the keys to a well-lived life.

    Laura--I love that you pointed out the joy of giving. It's not something that gets talked about. Yet it truly is one of the most satisfying things in life, when it's fully appreciated by the recipient.

    Mitchell--What a great story! It's a mini-version of winning the lottery--something totally unexpected that is in your favor. Makes me think that the surprise is more important than the amount. (Okay, I admit, I would get a whole lot more excited with $1M)

    Erika Schulz

    I have an abundance of pros/cons to weigh in selecting a venue for my wedding reception. I feel fortunate to have such great choices to evaluate.

    I also have an abundance of travel coming up for various family events; what an abundance of opportunity to connect with family.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Erika, for showing us another side to abundance--choices! Also appreciate the abundance that comes with summertime travel to see family.

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