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    Cindy Hood

    I love this! Recently I have been noticing it more and more and it is so true.

    Carol Ross

    What I notice is that it's hard for me to stay in the mindset of divine timing if I am attached to outcome. In general, I find myself coming back to the idea of trusting in the Divine, as a partner in life. Hard for me to give up control and remember that I don't have to walk this path alone.

    Francine Watkins

    I have experienced divine timing many times. When struggling with a difficult decision, when searching for a powerful example,when wondering what door will open next,in both my professional and business life -- if I trust and wait, the answer will arrive in time. (Often it comes with the start of a new day.)

    As I look back, I candidly admit that when I have simply wanted to act and get it over with or when I have allowed the emotion of the moment to drive my actions -- I have often made the wrong decision.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Francine, for the insight into what happens when we go against our natural instincts around timing. A good lesson to keep in mind!

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