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    Guess what? I'm thinking of it again ... and it scares the livin' bedoobedoops out of me. (there, i said it) (even though i said 'bedoobedoops' and not what i'd normally say ... this IS a PG-ish blog, isn't it?) ;)

    I DID make a mess of my credit and my savings and my standard of living last time I undertook the big E, so I know I'd need to be smarter, but ... I'm not sure I'm smart enough. Still, Ilene's death, my mom's death, these sorts of things all add up to a fire under the butt, don't they?

    (stay tuned my friend!) :)

    Carol Ross

    Trust me, Deb. You ARE smart enough. Entrepreneurship is about trying stuff out and learning from the results, quickly. Fail fast, fail often. Get the bad stuff out of the way so that you can move on to the good stuff.

    Sounds like you learned some really important lessons last time around that will serve you now.

    I think a more pertinent question is: Are you fearless enough?

    Entrepreneurship requires the willingness to be lost in the woods, not being able to see the path fully, and lacking a clear route, just putting one foot in front of the other. There are snakes along the way, for sure. But with an observant eye (and maybe with a little help from your friends), you'll spot them before they bite. My advice: put together a group of advisors and figure out what you don't have or know that you'll need for the journey.

    Can't wait to hear how this unfolds....

    Cameron Scott

    It wouldn't do well to start out on a project by thinking about negative outcomes. Risks are an inevitable part of business, so it's best to shove all that negativity aside and focus on the good prospects. Keep up with your posts - the topics you're tackling are really entertaining. :D

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