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    Paul C

    Hi Carol,
    Your posts are a joy to read, a reflection of your blog perspective. Thanks for sharing this video as I had a similar reaction, from joy to tears... Seeing the big things in the small things... All the best.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Paul, for your kind words. One of the best things about blogging is being able to share with others things that I find interesting or move me in some way. It's a gift to find kindred spirits like you.

    Francine Watkins

    Hi Carol,
    I was touched by your candid and moving reflection. Likely all of us have hit that wall from time to time. (Certainly I have.) So refreshing to hear it from a pro like you. I needed that reminder. Thank You. Best to you.


    Glad to see you back. You sound just like me - I go whole-hog into left brained things, burn out, and end up empty and exhausted (and joyless) until I bounce back. Hm, why not try NOT burning out next time? Still working on that...

    The left side of the brain is necessary, I suppose (at least in biz) but I must say that the more time I spend on the Left the more bleak and joyless life seems. Must be the strain of being Right brained and forcing things.

    Carol Ross

    Francine and MJ--yes, burnout is ugly, isn't it? Pays to do a bit of preventive maintenance! We all need reminders now and then and in the end our bodies and spirits won't let us forget.

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