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    Walter Akana

    What a beautiful and inspired post, Carol! You've given me pause! And you've tapped the true power of life, especially in the present moment. You've moved me and I appreciate that!

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Walter. This is a post that takes me to my roots in blogging--why I started in the first place. Blogging is first and foremost a means of creative expression, a way to sort through daily life and make meaning of it. I will always want to add value in terms of providing knowledge--links to resources, conceptual ideas AND the core of my existence is about spreading wisdom, my own and others. Two very different things.

    paul merrill

    Great post, Carol! You really cut to the heart of what's most important in life.

    I really dealt with realities this summer, as my mom died in late June. What a treasure her life was - and what a blessing that she shared it with so many.

    Carol Ross

    Sorry to hear about your mom's passing, Paul. Your comments, coming so soon after experiencing the death of your mother, hold more weight than this post. I always think that truth is known deeply only when we have experienced it. Thanks for sharing.

    Francine Watkins

    Oh my, Carol. I thought of you and immediately checked your recent posts,knowing I would find something that would move me and make me think. As usual -- you delivered,in spades. Likely I needed to hear this message today. I'll remember it if I catch myself allowing little setbacks or annoyances to reach me.
    Thank you.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Francine, for your lovely words. I was at a social gathering this weekend and was talking with an older couple, retired, who had come to this country in the 60's from Europe. They talked about how Americans don't realize how much they have, how much they take for granted. I think this extends to people in Western societies in general.

    A well-lived life is savoring all that's in front of you and making the most of it. Thanks for your reminder of how we can get distracted by setbacks that don't mean all that much in the scheme of things.

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