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    Ellen Ingraham

    I also believe that the divine works though us, and when we find our purpose on earth and spend our time there, we will experience it.

    Reading this post reminded me that the feeling of a higher power working through me is most prevalent when I am working with others; I find myself saying healing words or giving healing touch that is not coming from me.

    The challenge for me to feel the divine is the discipline to continually take the action, and consciously doing what I am meant to do. That takes the human discipline of commitment to continue doing what you're good at, no matter how you feel or how outside influences may discourage you.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Ellen, for pointing out that it's not always easy to trust the process of the divine coming through us. Commitment comes from trust, because we can't fully understand or know the divine.

    Fred H Schlegel

    I've always thought that the trust in the divine force, or natures force, or whatever you want to call the flow of idea that comes from elsewhere was the most powerful element in setting your mind free to interpret the world in new and wonderful ways. What's funny is that it still takes discipline and hard work to put yourself in a position to benefit.

    Paul C

    I like the idea that in creativity you have to show up, day after day. Sometimes it's hard but if you engage in your talent regularly the muses will favour you. I think the same goes for blogging. Regular posts forces you to keep those creative juices flowing. This is a wonderful post.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Fred and Paul, for the reminder that there is a discipline to creativity that is often overlooked. One of my favorite books on creativity is The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, the famous choreographer. She talks about getting in a cab at 5am every morning to go to her dance studio.

    Over the last few months, while working on a new business, I've neglected time with my muse to blog on a regular basis. So even after a routine has been established over years, it can be easy to fall off the wagon. I'm looking forward to getting back into a regular routine.

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