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    Paul C

    This is a wonderful, perceptive post about finding 'the Rosetta Stone of networking.' Your conceptualization of givers, takers, and protectors is so true. Giver/giver is nirvana. How frustrating/challenging to have an encounter with the other two. How can you turn a taker and protector into a giver?

    Thanks for stimulating thoughts on the dynamics of productive networking.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Paul for your kind words. At the core for takers and protectors seems to be the real human emotion of fear. Fear of not enough, of being taken advantage of, of being left behind. And trust seems to be part of the equation of turning a taker or protector into a giver. The huge challenge is to replace fear with trust!

    Mesfin Ayenew

    Great insight.


    Thanks for your comment, Mesfin. Much appreciated!

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