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    Paul C

    I'm sorry to hog comment space but you are a talented and perceptive writer. I encourage you to glide through the dip. You have what it takes to get your insights across to readers.

    Thanks for your perspective on Godin whom I also respect very much. Five years seems to be a long time, but it's worth pursuing when you have a sound business plan.

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Paul, for your comments which are *always* appreciated. Kind words always to brighten my day. And yes, I do realize that building a business takes time and is worth it when one has done their homework to vet the idea.

    It strikes me that being an entrepreneur is an odd combination of being impatient (as in, I can see the future and it's not coming fast enough!) and being utterly patient (as in, I'm hear for the long haul and I'll build what I need to, bit by bit.)

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