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    Paul C

    'Instead of potential, I saw a life well-lived.'

    I am reminded of Stephen Covey's Seven Habits. One is 'Begin With the End in Mind.' There are three people who will speak at your funeral. What will they say about you?

    How wonderful that these seniors are being stimulated creatively.


    Very interesting.

    To be honest, how much attention do I pay to old people now? How much attention and resources do governments give to old people?

    It's always about the future, the next generation, the children, the youths, the people who are working, the people who will contribute to the economy.

    Thinking about it, I'm really afraid of the day when, like you say, I will be relegated to the sidelines of society - to be seen as someone who is of little use anymore, just being there, waiting.

    Very interesting....certainly makes you think twice about what you're doing with your life now, where you want it to lead, and make you reassess your attitudes now to old people....

    Carol Ross

    Thanks, Dora and Paul for your comments. I find this topic so interesting. Hopefully, we will all experience old age and the process of aging, and yet, no one wants to really think about it. You both point to the beauty of planning now, for a life well-lived. We do have a youth-oriented society and these days, with good health, aging doesn't have to look like the stereotypes that are in our heads.

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