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    WONDERFUL! I can tell that your experiences in the improv class have brought home the philosophy which already made sense theoretically. Thank you for reading the book twice. This is the highest compliment you can pay to an author. The good news about little IMPROV WISDOM is that on March 24 it comes out as an E-book! You can buy it on and download it to a free App on your IPhone or a free Kindle App on your MAC desktop.
    Thanks for spreading the word about the book and about the value of improvising. It is truly life changing. Go CAROL!!

    Gary Stinnett

    Nice post. I recently completed Improv I classes and have found the 'think on your feet' skills, the totally engaged listening and the 'yes, and' approach have helped me with networking. So much easier to network when you listen intently and allow yourself to respond when you have something to say than when you spend your time coming up with a response to something that is no longer relevant to the conversation.

    Thanks for the insights.

    Carol Ross

    Patricia--thrilled to see that Improv Wisdom is now available in e-book form, as it provides another means of spreading the good stuff. Someday, we'll meet in person and maybe, just maybe I could see you working your craft. Wouldn't that be lovely?

    Gary--Fabulous that you are experiencing the magic of improv! Thanks for connecting improv with the art of great conversation and networking. It's got me thinking about how to bring this point into the Networking Naturally Program. In the book, Improv Wisdom, Patricia covers the improvisation of speech. Being fully present and open to whatever you are hearing not only makes for a better connection, it's a gift to the other person. (I know that from my coaching work.) Too often, we give only half of our attention to others. And like you said, focus on something to say that is no longer relevant. Well put.

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