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    Sally Spencer-Thomas

    Carol -- I love your quote "the whack on the side of the head can be the beginning of living a more authentic life -- ain't that the truth! Thank you for your mentoring and coaching of me!


    Sally--believe me, that quote comes from having been on the receiving end, many times over! The whack on the side of the head comes in many forms--a layoff, a friend's honest words, and yes, a coaching session. One of my coaching friends likes to call it the frozen fish to the side of the head. It's a good visual....

    Debbie @ Happy Maker

    I find that when my grown daughters do certain thing it reminds me of the impacked I had on them. I have to say that sometimes I just OOPS!! they learned that from me. Not so good. The moral of the story is you may be surprised who is learning from you. Keep close watch over your actions!


    Thanks, Debbie, for your perspective on how our impact can cut both ways! It reminds me of the story of my nephew and niece, who are 17 years apart. When my niece was a baby, she watched her teenage brother drink milk straight from the carton and thought that was the normal way of getting a drink. Yes, we never know who is learning from us....

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