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    Thank you for the reminder that although starting many things can be creative and rewarding, finishing everything is not possible... Better to stop a few successful projects early .. Something I am learning from @LyssaAdkins


    Great stuff. And I don't know why, but I think I like it better because you said "crap." :)


    Thanks, Margaret and Deb for your comments.

    Margaret--I'm intrigued by your comment of framing the 80% as things that can't be finished or which are successful but should be stopped early. I had in my head that the 80% is stuff that is "complete" and just isn't that good. Thanks for a different take, as this points to planting many seeds to begin with and then focusing your efforts on the best of the best.


    Deb--"crap" definitely has a ring to it, in addition to providing a distinct visual image. As a fellow writer, I think we both gravitate to words that create a visceral feeling!


    Hi Carol
    I am focused on portfolio management currently... thinking about how can decide what to put energy into, or resources, or money. Which translates to stopping the "less" successful projects. Of course you could choose to only start a few things and put the filter early.

    Your post was another way of thinking - another perspective for me on why starting many things can be a good thing - if you are willing to stop some of them later.

    Agile frameworks talk about iterative development and failing fast. I just related all of these ideas together when watching the video above.

    Just a bunch of seeds of ideas to share.

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