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    Miles Bridgford

    Carol - Being selective about your actions starts out feeling like hard work, but after a while it feels more like steering than pedaling. You've chosen a better path.

    - Miles

    Erika Nygaard

    How am I staying sane in an insane world? Recently I added some new structure to bookend my "work" days (currently my job is looking for a job). I begin each day with a 30 minute walk along Lake Michigan. I end each day with a 30 minute yoga session. The structure has been useful, and mentally I feel reassured I am taking care of myself. Thanks for the thoughtful article and reflective questions.


    Miles--it sounds like you have lots of practice with being selective in your actions! Thanks for the encouragement.

    Erika--what a lovely way to start and end your day! I can imagine that whatever happens in between is more enjoyable and manageable because of this practice. Good luck with your job search! (And looking forward to having you in the Networking Naturally webinar on March 6.)


    Good to see you back in the blogging saddle. (i should talk, i've been wildly remiss ...) Hey ... I'll "poke" you if you "poke" me. (yes, having agreements/support with friends keeps me sane ...)

    Smooches, D

    Sarah Kiefhaber

    Carol, this was perfectly timed for me as I finish my leave of absence. I started thinking about how to prevent burnout once I'm back at work and your questions will help me grapple with that. Thank you.


    Deb--so good to hear your voice (especially smooches!)Yes, a little poking between friends is a good thing, isn't it?

    Sarah--so glad that these questions are just what you need. I'm finding that staying sane is a daily practice! And like any practice, it should get easier over time.


    Loved this. As usual. We are wired so similarily. This is why horses keep me off prozac. I have to work short days to have time to ride and I always make time to ride- it restores (repairs) me every time.

    Evan Roth

    Great post Carol. Love seeing your thoughts on paper. The pacing reminds of the 20 mile march in Collins' latest Great by Choice, a helpful reminder for me.


    Emily--short days and long rides sounds wonderful!

    Evan--Yes on the 20 mile march! I read Great By Choice last year and loved it. Steady wins the race...

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