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    Another lovely article Carol, thanks for sharing. Have to admit that it put a tear in my eye.


    I shed a few tears myself in writing this piece. And when something I write strikes a deep emotion with you, I can think of no greater honor as a writer. Thanks for your comment, Cindy.


    Can understand Carol. We have had the empty nest with our children for awhile and starting to see grandchildren getting older and moving on (not into going up and spending weekends with grandma and papa).

    But I knew that window was closing and fast and I now try to capture what I can of (videos) of those still young then let them go. They have to move onto what they're discovering and doing in their lives - it's exciting. I'll hold onto those seeds we've planted and memories of them when they were young.

    Hopefully, I'll see a new wave like your mother where life will slow down enough for them and they'll come back.


    Thanks, Pat, for your beautiful description of planting seeds when children are young and letting them go as a necessary part of the unfolding of their lives. I agree that it is exciting to see what lies ahead for our children/grandchildren.


    thank you for this.

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