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    Ah, soooo good to read this; to see what you're up to/get the overview, insight and awesome that comes from the pen/computer and experience of the fablicious Ms. Carol Ross. (xoxo)


    Thanks, Deb, for your enthusiasm as well as your way with words. (Your made up words are *the best*.) I hope all is well in your world!

    Tanja Lewis, Denmark

    Nice one :-)


    Hey, Tanja, thanks for stopping by. Glad that this resonated. I know that you've had several big turning points in your life...

    Pamela Fischer

    Lovely, lovely blog, Carol. Wow! I miss our conversations and would love to connect soon.


    Middle of the night inspiration usually makes for my best writing. This one was no different. Thanks for your kind words, Pamela.


    Great post, I've had a lot of (good) upheaval so I'm just coming back to find it today. I had my layoff/severance this year - notice around early September and final date 12/31. So incredibly relieved - I was not happy in the work, the firm is doing poorly and has hired harsh new management to start 1/1, and I had almost entirely burned out. Sure, leaving is stressful - but staying would have been worse for me. Still working on the future - onward and upward.....


    Good to see you again, MJ. Good luck with your transition--a huge turning point, from what you describe! Relief is a good sign--sounds like you are ready to work on the next chapter.


    nice article.

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